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I speak on behalf of pretty much all millennial women when I say this.

Men with beards are never going out of style. That's a fact. There's just something about a man with a face full of hair that is rather appealing. Whether it's close shaven or Rick Ross-esque, we can't help but drool over them all. What are mustaches again? I'll wait. Living in a generation full of men with full, beautiful beards if your significant other doesn't have one then you've possible met someone who happens to have one and maybe even locked lips a time or two.
As we ladies know, kissing someone with a beard is an acquired feel. Locking lips with a furby doesn't sound too appealing, but as we all know -- actions always speak louder than words. The feeling of a million prickly hairs rubbing against your face is not a feeling many of us dream of [or maybe it is], but after awhile, like anything else it becomes second nature. The funny thing is that bearded men have absolutely no clue how it feels to be bumping cheeks with a hairy prince, but thanks to Cosmopolitan they're allowing two men to find out first hand what it's like to be on the other end of this bearded kissing equation. Keep scrolling and check out the video below.

As scruffy as they may be, beards are simply amazing.

Do you agree?
I love a sharp, detailed, groomed beard or chin strap. yass god. Gives me something to touch and admire and partake in his grooming, yes. my guys have loved I can shape em up and give a razor cut. lol.
Lol the video, Yess! Love beard and guys look good with them 馃檶馃槶
haha, yeah I totally get it lol hopefully one day you will come on over to the dark side :) @atmi
haha...nice card but sorry I like clean shave maybe with moustache guy.. my dad was a retire army so we don't have so much experiance with beard.. if you know what I
Ohhh man some bearded men look real good. but kissing them is another story... haha I'm glad they got to experience what that feels like
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