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Don't be like Steve. He's a troll.

As part of my on-going series of cards about How To Vingle, this might seem a little obvious. But just in case: This will tell you everything you need to know about leaving comments! How else are you going to get to know the community?

Imagine this: You're scrolling through your community when you see a really amazing card.

You could just 'like' it and go about your day, but it's made you curious. Maybe you have an opinion about the subject. Or you're excited to have finally found someone who thinks the same way you do! It's time to let them know. Tap or click on the card to get started.

You've made it to the card!

You can click on the little speech bubble at the bottom right corner to leave a comment- but you'll want to read the card before you do! Remember: One of your friends worked really hard on it.

Look at all of those comments!

It can be a little intimidating to see so many people sharing- but we don't bite (unless you ask us to). We actually really want to talk to you! So do us a favor and let us know you're there ^_^

One more cool thing!

You can reply to people in the comments! They'll get a notification that you mentioned them so it's great if you have a question or just want to start a conversation. It can be kind of a pain to type out someone's username, but you don't have to! All you have to do is start a comment, and then tap on the person's previous comment (like Sebastian Stan is doing) and their username will appear for you! It is in fact awesome.


There are so many amazing topics to discuss in the community right now, and we add more every day. Share ideas, ask questions, and you'll be a Vingle superhero in no time!
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I'm so glad y'all are demonstrating how to comment on a card about how to comment, you're the real vingle heroes XD
@shannonl5 good job maddam
@arnelli thank you :D
Thank you! (This is my first comment lol 馃帀)