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WARNING : Mature, gang related content, slight sexual references

The next morning we're woken up by someone pounding on the door. "Sir." Youngjae isn't even close to being awake. I shake him a few times and his eyes open a little. The pounding continues. "Sir." He sighs, gets up, and walks over to the door. "What is it?" "You should wake up." "Why should I?" "It's noon and you need to be somewhere at two remember?" He groans. "Yeah, fine." He walks back over and sits on the bed. He yawns and rubs his eyes. "Sometimes I hate living where I work. Barely any privacy and people demand so much of me." "Sounds tiring." "It is. They're probably surprised I'm not awake yet. I'm usually up by six, eight at the latest." "This is really late then." "Yeah." He falls backward onto the bed. "But I could still probably sleep a few more hours. I feel dead." I sit up and smooth his hair down; he's got some serious bed head going on. "I'm not really surprised. You did a lot more last night than usual so it's pretty expected to be worn out. I'm worn out and I didn't even do half as much as you did. If anything, I'm more surprised you were able to walk to that door." He laughs. "True. Right now I just wish I was a normal guy who could spend a day in bed with his woman and just relax. I never have days off; slow days maybe, but never a day off." I bet that's why that was his first time. He hasn't had a break to do anything with his personal life. "Stressful for someone our age don't you think?" "Not particularly. It can be, but most the time it's just meticulous work. Just making sure everything's in order; the money, the product, and the guys." "Does it get old?" "Honestly? Yes, it does. But I'm stuck now. I can't leave." "Why not? You're the one in charge so you should be able to quit." "Well. It's more like, I can't bring myself to leave." "I know it's not really my place, and I don't know your life that well; but if you don't like a job, then quit. There's no point in spending your life on something you don't enjoy." "You're smart." He laughs lightly. "Maybe you should be in charge." "Yeah right, who'd want this job?" He sighs. "I really don't know." ... Youngjae had to go take care of business somewhere, but instead of making me go to Yongguk's room, he let me stay in his. So long as I promised not to look through anything it'd be fine. He knows I don't care enough to want to look through papers anyway. Now I'm just waiting, sitting on the couch watching Naruto. Damn it, I'm a 22 year old woman, I shouldn't be watching a cartoon about a kid ninja. I blame Youngjae. I hear someone at the door. "Seunghye." "Who is it?" "Yongguk." I open the door so I can talk normally instead of shouting with a metal door in between. "Did you need something?" "Just wanted to talk I guess." Should I let him in? I don't think he'd mess with any of these papers or anything. But I don't think Youngjae would be happy if he was alone with me in here. After hearing some of what happened between them yesterday, I just don't think that's prudent. "That's probably not a good idea." "Why? Because of Youngjae?" "Yeah." I can barely make eye contact with him. He's got an intense look right now. "I figured that's what you'd say. Just so you're aware, I'm not trying to be a prick when I say this, but everyone knows what happened last night." "Excuse me?" "Yeah. It's pretty obvious to all of us. He didn't get up until noon, which is extremely out of the ordinary, and you were in here all night with him. Oh and by the way, do you know who was outside this door on guard duty all night?" "You?" "Right. And do you know how you have to yell to hear anything through this door?" I nod, afraid of the point he's trying to get at. "Well you guys might have thought you were quiet enough, but you weren't. And you had an audience that couldn't leave because it was their job to be there." "No. You couldn't have. There was nothing happeni-" He clears his throat and starts counting on his fingers. "To quote you, "Youngjae. Fuck me Youngjae. Give me everything you have Youngjae. I want you. I need you." Yes, I definitely heard you and unfortunately it's been burned into my memory." I'm devastated. I feel so stupid. "I'm sorry Yongguk." He's not listening, he just keeps talking. "Just thought you should know that everyone here thinks you're a slut who fucked her way to the top of our organization." "I said I'm sorry." He's still talking over me. "Me included. I mean seriously, you've known him less than a week and you're already in bed with him. That's pretty slutty if yo-" "I said I'm sorry! But we're both adults! If we want to have sex then we can! Not to be rude either, but you know what? I don't really care if a bunch of criminals think I'm a slut!" He scoffs. "Well guess what honey, in case you didn't notice, you're fucking the criminal in charge." He grabs the door and slams it shut. ... Youngjae walks in about twenty minutes later to see me crying. "What's wrong?" I try to stop crying. He doesn't need to worry about it. "Nothing. Just a sad part in the show made me cry that's all." He comes over and tilts my head up to look at him. "I'm not dumb. Tell me what's wrong?" I really don't want to start another rift between those two. It's not fair to either of them for me to come in and ruin their relationship. "I said nothing, okay. Just drop it. Girls cry over nothing all time, it's not anything new." "I really don't believe you." He wipes away some leftover tears on my face. "I want you to feel better. Talking would help wouldn't it?" God this guy is so affectionate. I wish I could appreciate it at the moment, but right now I really wish he'd let it go. I care about him too much to let him possibly destroy his only friendship. "No it wouldn't. I'm okay." "Would you please tell me?" How does he do that? How does he unconditionally care about someone enough to not let them wave him off? He genuinely doesn't want to see me unhappy. "Will you promise me you won't get upset? I don't want to be responsible for ruining anything." "You won't be responsible for anything and I promise I won't get upset." I'm fairly sure that neither of those things will be true once I tell him.
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shits gonna go down I just know it!
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OMG!!!loving it ❀❀❀ ugh I feel so bad for yongguk to have to hear thatπŸ’”...keep up the good work it's such an amazing story
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