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Youngest Son of Natsu and Lucy❤

Abilities: Celestial Mage Magic & Gun Magic

Art done by Kkumri❤

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What anime is this??
2 years ago·Reply
@AliyahHowell Its technically not an anime its fan art for an anime called Fairy Tail and the concept of this is the couples from the anime have kids and these are the kids but they don't happen in the anime at all
2 years ago·Reply
@AimeBolanos OOOH, k. I have heard the fairytale I just didn't know who the characters were and who the dragon was
2 years ago·Reply
@AliyahHowell yea but if you're into like action, magic, friendship, and funny anime's.. Fairy Tail would be really interesting to you 😆
2 years ago·Reply
Ok!! @AimeBolamo my friend watches it! So I pick up small bit and pieces from her
2 years ago·Reply