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Recently, @InPlainSight and I went back and forth about black wedding invitations, which you can see here. I love the idea of going for something bold and out of the ordinary. But I quickly realized that my style and taste isn't for everyone. I mean, I already knew that. But He was very good to not only point out his ideas, but went so far to share a card on the matter, which you can see here! I LOVE THAT!
Any time you all feel you want to agree or disagree with something, feel free to leave a comment AND WRITE A CARD ABOUT IT! :)
In the case of this card, I wanted to share with you some ruby goodness. Look at the gorgeous ruby color of these invitations. It's like a rich mulberry. I love the classic floral print juxtaposed with modern graphic hearts that appear to be sculptural--almost like a ruby cut stone. Beveled corners take the severity out of the design and give it an upbeat, relaxed vibe, which I also love.
What do you think of these invitations?
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