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It's been a wild week Marvelers!

We had some INCREDIBLE entires this week! As always, I was very impressed with all of you. And the winner is... *drumroll please*

@MajahnNelson "The one thing he can't regenerate"

---> HERE

Well done!

We'll be resuming the caption contest in two weeks, and as the winner you get to pick which character we'll be captioning next!

And thank you to everyone who commented!

You picked a great winner this week! You're all superstars.

We'll be back with another contest two weeks!

In the meantime, party hard Marvelers.
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Whoo! First and foremost is like to thank @shannonl5 for the awesome pictures this week lol. I felt like the picture on its own was already so funny. Secondly, I'd like to thank the Marvel community because you know Marvel yo 馃榿馃榿. And last but certainly no least it's like to thank Wolverine's--er-- let's say "flawed" regenerative abilities 馃槀馃槀
@MajahnNelson XD poor guy. Bad luck doesn't begin to cover that
I can't wait to see who the next one will be xD The 29 Days of Marvel made me think about a number of my favorite characters
@MichaelOgg always good to hear. And yes @MajahnNelson don't forget to pick the next character for the caption contest!
@shannonl5 oh yeah. Forgot about that.