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"Yo, yo, yo!!!! It's time for another Marvel Questionnaire! So sit down and hush that fuss or everybody can move to the back of the bus! (MUAHAHAH Song reference!) Alright, you spectacularly special sprinkles of surprisingly super sparrows. Is that enough S's? Doesn't feel like enough. Anyway. On to the question!!!!!"
As we all know: Ryan Reynolds knows Deadpool, resembles Deadpool, and LOVES playing as Deadpool. Or maybe Deadpool loves playing as Ryan? I can't tell at this point. He's been a fan of the MwM since 2004, and it took 11 years for 21st Century Fox studios to greenlight the Deadpool movie! And now look at it. It has broken records. And since it did soooo well, there is talk about Wolverine 3 being Rated R!! Over the many years of superhero movies, many cast members have been given the job of playing the roles as some of our favorite characters from the Marvel verse. And they have done a fairly good job in casting the characters look-alike.


This is a two part question!!! A twofer!! A terrible twofer!! (American Dad Reference!!!!) Question 1: Do you believe these actors/actresses are actually into comics and the Marvel universe? (I'd like to think so. Ryan Reynolds is truly into it. Gives us something to be in common with.) Question 2: Do you think the actors/actresses who play these roles, play as their favorite characters from comic books? Or are they just great actors that get into character really well?
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@shannonl5 at work and I have a pretty long answer. Will come back to this
@LadyLuna @kuzuri96 for sure! I'd be interested in seeing another Blade movie- but I'd like to see them going with the story of Fallon Grey instead. I'm sad her comics got delayed tbh, the idea of Blade's granddaughter taking on his responsibilities seems like such a cool idea! Plus it's been so long since the last movies I think it might make more sense for the franchise to grow instead of following the same character
@MajahnNelson haha no worries don't get in trouble at work!
I'd say yes to both but we all know that Hollywood is full of sell ours who are just in it for the money too
1. Not all of them. I'm sure they have heard of Marvel, but I would say not very many of them actually picked up on it until they were casted. 2. No. To pick up from my first answer: if there are any fans I don't think they're acting as their favorite character. They just put the juice in because it's as close as they can get to playing their favorite character.