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Raise Your Kawaii Level With New Socks
Japan is getting Case Closed (Detective Conan) themed shoes and socks, and they look totally freakin' adorable. They have tiny little ties for your ankles!
The socks and shoes all appear to be specifically women's.
According to Fashion Press, the socks and shoes are from Japanese brand ERIMAKI SOX and are priced at 5,500 yen (US$48) and 18,500 yen ($162) respectively. Which means these are crazy expensive given what they are, but hey, you can't stop business.
IF you're a fan of Detective Conan and you happen to be in Japan sometime soon, you should totally scoop yourself a pair.
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@DamienSky if they were the dopest, most comfortable and long lasting pair of socks in the game.
2 years ago·Reply
buying these kaito shoes immediately
2 years ago·Reply
lol I'd buy them
2 years ago·Reply
Those are some fancy looking socks!
a year ago·Reply
those are nice but I would not buy those because they're a crazy amount for socks and i'm poor
a year ago·Reply