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Both seem like good alternatives to the bus.

Of course it would be nice to be super strong, or be able to manipulate the weather, but how often do people complain about their morning commute? How awesome would it be if you could travel to all the amazing places you hear about on the National Geographic channel? The question now is: Would you rather fly there, or teleport?
look! up in the sky! is it a bird?!? is it a plane?!? no! it's parka person!
I can I have the entire package? I mean I just don't want to teleport, I want to just be Kurt. I want his life... I want him...馃槓
That's a tough one. Teleporting gets you there faster but flying you get to see everything. So I probably will have to say flying. I would love to see the world!
I would say teleport, but there's a privacy thing for me lol
Both: fly to relieve stress and see the world from a different point of view and teleport when I wanna get to some place for a quick visit, look cool, or just get there fast
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