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Lee Seung Gi spoke at the press conference for Gu Family Book that he wants to take on a villain role in the future. Sad news is, it will take a while before he actually challenges himself with such role, as he shared, "I want to act as a villain someday and win the Drama Daesang with it. I believe I have the aura. But as experience is important, I might be able to try it only around the time I'm in my late 30s or even 40s. I will aim for the Daesang with an evil role." Thus far, I've only seen Lee Seung Gi in a 'good' person role (Shining Inheritance, Gumiho, King2Hearts and of course, Gu Book). His face just screams innocence, kindness, and gentleness (and a tiny bit of mischief). I personally cannot imagine in a bad person role, and that's why this excites me so much. Especially when he's even aiming for the Daesang with it. Lee Seung Gi is often complimented by fellow actors and filming screw to completely immense himself in whatever role he has, so without a doubt I believe he can do it. It doesn't matter how long I have to wait, I will see it. How about you?