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"I have very few friends," Pitt reveals in a new Esquire magazine interview. Interestingly enough, Jolie made a similar statement back in 2010 during an interview from Pakistan with CNN about how she copes with being away from her family when she's busy fulfilling her duties as the UN's Goodwill Ambassador. "I'll talk to my family," said the actress, who shares six children with Pitt. "I talk to Brad [Pitt]; he wants to know as much as he can about these issues and every trip. He's been here as well; he came with me after the earthquake. But I don't know, I don't have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to." While that might seem a little sad, Pitt loves the setup. "I have a handful of close friends and I have my family and I haven't known life to be any happier. I'm making things. I just haven't known life to be any happier."
@Reyam mee 2 :-) hehe <3 Korean craze is the best lols ;-)
@saharjalpari9 will i watched it in the past right now all i watch is korean dramas ,shows and kpop :)
@Reyam I haven't watch vampire diaries I will c if I cd tk the time out to watch it mee unlike others I m not into the vampire craze lol mb dats the reason but u will c if I cd force myself lol these Korean shows have tkn me soo far away from the American shows but I will.check it out :-)
@blairwitme yeah nor only jeremy but all the vampires in the show .also step up lear role in all the seasons all the 3 leads handsome
@saharjalpari9 I agree about the hair, Brad Pitt looks better neat @Reyam Jeremy in Vampire Diaries! oohhh, that's a guy to watch for!
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