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Who wants to get cosy on the couch?

It's been a good couple of years for nerdy people- with 12+ tv series based on superheroes still ongoing. But what's really amazing is that all of the comic book media has been welcoming to new fans. So welcoming that people have probably missed one or two. Which begs the question: Which one would you recommend watching all in one go?

My first rec: Gotham

It was a little agonizing to watch this one week by week. Thankfully now you can watch the first season all at once.

My second rec: Agent Carter

The first season is only 8 episodes long and was originally intended to stand alone, so you can definitely watch it in one go!

My third rec: Jessica Jones

All I can say about this one is: If you haven't seen this yet you have made a mistake. Go fix it.

I'd love to hear what everyone else things!

Which series adapted from comic books would you suggest for a weekend binge watch?
Gotham daredevil flash green arrow
@JimTurpen true I thought about putting Arrow on the list but it's not something you can watch in a weekend
I think the best to binge are the Netflix series, not because they are better than the others (but the are pretty good), but because you get them all at once and it won't take forever to binge like it would Arrow or something with several seasons.
Gotham, Daredevil, Jessica Jones are my top 3. I binged all of them too.