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@CreeTheOtaku soon, there still working on designs
2 years ago·Reply
I would totally get that phone!!! Ugh, I'm pretty sure it would be too expensive for me to buy though unfortunately xC
2 years ago·Reply
@KDluvR1999 I would also get it.... even though I just got this phone.
2 years ago·Reply
same @SabrinaSakura I just got my phone too. it's a galaxy s6 edge plus, pretty good phone too
2 years ago·Reply
awww man I was going to switch to LG v10 since that has like 2 terabites of back up space compared to lamr galaxy wich most of its space is taken over by pre installed stuff. Just when I was ready to dump the galaxy they find a way to suck me back in. 😡😒😣😝
2 years ago·Reply