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Jay-Z, quietly addressed the latest, particularly vehement rumor that his wife of five years is pregnant with her second child -- speaking via email with Hot 97, NYC's most pre-eminent hip hop radio station to deny the report. In a Monday, May 20 broadcast that was videotaped for a YouTube clip, a DJ told listeners that the hip-hop mogul, 43, emailed program director Ebro Darden to say that "the pregnancy rumor is false." "I hit him to say congratulations, send my love to the fam," Darden revealed. The "Empire State of Mind" rapper told him "it's not true," Darden said. (A source close to the radio station confirms to Us Weekly that the email exchange took place.) cr:usm
i can't tell! Beyonce also slammed down the rumora but she neither confirmed nor deny.. but u know there's a 3-month waiting period in pregnancy.. they wanna waiy until the first trimester is over before they announce anything
oh you know how these celebs are! they just try to be mysterious, keeps them interesting lol.. do you think she's pregnant though?
okay now.. so she's going back on tour? So why don't they just address it directly then?