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Edward Elric vs. Prof. Franken Stein Two very skilled fighters, both with great combat experience and genius level tactics.

Edward Elric

The Fullmetal Alchemist is skilled with multiple weapons and is a great hand to hand fighter using his alchemy to combine dangerous combos on his opponents. He is smart in battle and quick thinking, he is fast on his feet and is quite keen when he's on the defensive.

Professor (Franken) Stein

My favorite character from Soul Eater, Prof. Stein is a versatile fighter, skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as multiple weapon skills. He has been seen to use tonfa's as well as a scythe when fighting. Activating his soul resonance with his weapon can increase his combat skillset.

this is one of the best match ups i don't know who would win this
@Kuzuri96 yeah I'd love to see this actually pan out somewhere
I agree! I love Ed and his skillset, but I believe Stein could overlap Ed when he gets Spirit or Marie. Stein has a great relationship with both of them so that pays off a lot when using them. Both of their versatility in weapons is awesome though. I love this fight.
ooooh I really like this matchup actually. in this case, would Stein have a weapon? would it be Marie or Spirit?
Damn.. I honestly don't know who I would chose. Both their genius levels are on par with one another. Ed probably has a little more experience in fist to fist battle but not by much. And both are exceptionally good with weapons.. I can't decide who would win!
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