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Or at least that's what I think this game is about. I mean, the trailer (which I left for you below) looks like there are puzzles or something going on. At least I hope so or maybe it's just a weird game about weird beings (at least I think that's what they are) moving blocks around and changing colors.
I know I sound really confused when it comes to what this game is about. But I'm still strangely interested in trying it. It's a weird sort of curiosity. It's the same kind of curiosity that ended up killing that cat. You know the cat I'm talking about, yeah, that one.
After watching the trailer a couple more times, I couldn't just sit here and wonder what the game was about. So I searched far and wide for a statement from the game's developer (it wasn't that hard, thanks Google!). And apparently Dreii is about building a tower to reach a certain height with blocks provided. But the thing that makes it different is:
"[It] features a hidden multiplayer system that connects all players of Dreii, across the world and in real-time. This mechanic confronts the player suddenly with other players, which might seem disruptive at first. But over time, the strangers become collaborators without whom the increasingly difficult levels cannot be solved."
So, it looks like the game has you play with strangers and friends every time you start it up. Which is extremely interesting. That mechanic reminds me of Journey a little bit but Dreii seems to make that social element the focus of the game's core mechanic. It'll be really interesting to try out once it's released.
Dreii will come out on PS4 and PS Vita on March 2nd, 2016 but it is currently available on Steam, iOS, and Android
This looks cool but I feel like there might be too many trolls disrupting the game... :/
@TurtleyTurtles, totally! part of me wants to try it on my iPhone before i try it on vita but i don't want to get so frustrated at it that i don't like it anymore
This game looks like a lot of fun, but at the same time sorta frustrating!