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Give and it shall be given unto you.

When was the last time you gave just because? When was the last time you willingly put a smile on someone else's face? I'll wait. Kindness should be a part of our daily walk, but for some it takes quite a lot of effort to dish out kindness -- especially if kindness isn't being dished out to them in return. If you aren't aware, today happens to be Random Act of Kindness Day. Yes, it's an actual day.
Although we should do random acts of kindness on the daily, I am challenging both myself and anyone else out there to join in on the challenge of making at least one person smile today. As hard headed as some of us happen to be, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make someones day. Whether you have a few extra dollars to spare or you choose to make somebodies day via positive words -- keep scrolling to see a short list of things you can do to make Random Act of Kindness Day one to remember.

Pay For Someone's Purchase In Line

It's always a nice gesture to randomly pay for someone in line. Whether they happen to be in front of you or behind you, this random act of kindness will definitely lift your spirits and the person you blessed along the way.

Tell Someone How Much They Mean To You

It's not every day that we voice our opinions and feelings as we would like when it comes to a specific person in our life. Let someone know just how special they are to you today. You'll not only gain confidence, but you will also feel so much better for finally getting those feelings off your chest.

Go Into The Store And Buy Flowers For A Random Person

Valentine's Day might be over, but flowers never go out of style. You never know who may be longing for a fresh bouquet of roses, but just can't seem to afford them. Go to your local market or florist buy some flowers and give them to the first person you see.

Offer To Have Dinner With An Elderly Person

A lot of older people just wait the time and appreciation from someone. Maybe you can be that person. Go to a restaurant and the first elderly person you see sitting alone ask them if you can join them.

Can you think of any random acts of kindness that can be executed?

When was the last time you did something nice for someone?
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i make a lot of people smile because makeing others happy makes me happy @nicolejb
did you end up doing anything? @nicolejb
I totally agree!!! a great feeling indeed :) @arnelli
@jordanhamilton well I wrote a letter to my best friend but it won't get to her for a while I think
well at least you executed the writing the letter part! that counts :) @nicolejb