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Hat-Loving Gamer over on YouTube answered the age old question: What would happen if we could race against 100 different characters in Super Mario Kart?
Okay, maybe that question isn't really that old. And maybe they're the only one who asked it and then promptly answered it afterwards. But I've got to say it's kind of amazing to see all of these characters from different properties all racing little carts against each other.
Just looking at the bottom screen makes my head spin. Can you imagine what racing would be like if this were real instead of a fan-made video? The only thing that would come from this, if I played it, is the overwhelming feeling of SALT. I'd be so upset every time I got hit by a power-up because with the amount of racers on screen at once, I'd probably get hit by 5 or 6 different people at once.
And can you imagine getting hit with the blue shell? Instead of getting hit and maybe losing a couple spots out of first, you'd be down like 15 or 20. I would absolutely hate having to try and make up all the distance I lost. I'm getting salty just thinking about it.
Anyway, the best part about this video is trying to pick out all of the characters that are included in the video. I saw Sonic, Tails, and Pikachu but some of them I couldn't make out. How many did you guys notice? (ALSO there's a full list of characters in the YouTube description so try and be honest and not cheat and be like "WELLLLLL [COPY/PASTE]".
did someone car-jack toad like halfway in!?
This was so much fun to watch! I laughed so hard! I love how he got car-jacked, and how the Lakitu came in to pick up what looked like a teddy bear off of the road. There were so many characters that I'm not even going to try to name them... but I liked the Pikmin characters. The big guy with all the little guys follwing him. (I never played the games, I just know them from Smash Bros) Thanks for sharing this fun video!
hahahah wow that video was AWESOME!!!!!! loved it and all the characters. they should actually make this happen hahah it would be so much fun! :D
Rofl I didn't know you can get car-jacked and car-Jack someone else! At the start line, the crowds look like peak hour on the harbour bridge, packed in like sardines lol
This is actually pretty sweet...although, I would not want to play it, just watch haha