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Everything can go home forever.

Okay, so Frank Castle isn't quite the Clown Prince of Crime... but that line from the trailer WAS eerily similar to the one from The Killing Joke. Anyone think Daredevil is going with a super creepy vibe this season?
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@kneelb4zod haha it went up like, two years ago I think? It was for a festival based around comic books. If they do it again I'll definitely let you know!
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@shannonl5 ok maddam
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yes. I think that dare devil is going for a more eery vibe this time. and I'm perfectly OK with that. lol
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@ChosenKnight I think that's definitely the right choice for this season. And it seems like they're really pushing this idea that there's not really a moral high ground when you're a vigilante.
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