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Here's my reasoning:
1. It's a fairly faithful adaptation- the changes the writers made enhanced the story, and didn't take anything away.
2. The cast was PERFECT. Nobody was out of place.
3. It's the perfect balance of cynical and hopeful, which is something the superhero genre really struggles with. We need to imagine a world that's in so much trouble we need heres, but not so troubled it can't be saved.
4. The story it tells is masterful- and necessary. I can't think of any other media that deals with abuse and rape culture in such a thorough way.
5. Unlike the other shows Marvel has done (which were incredible, don't get me wrong) I can't think of a single failure in the show. It told the story it needed to tell. It was incredibly sympathetic to the diverse, flawed characters. And it kept up with a difficult narrative. It's been months and the show still blows me away.

That being said, I'm looking forward to your responses!

Y'all know I can talk about Marvel all day.

Well done Marvel ^_^