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A tomboy is mistaken for a young man, but maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation is complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this "boy". Left to Right Gong Yoo (Choi Han Gyul) Kim Chang Wan (Hong Gae Shik) Yoon Eun Hye (Go Eun Chan) Kim Dong Wook ( Jin Ha Rim) Kim Jae Wook (No Sun Ki) Lee Eon (Hwang Min Yeop) 2nd page Lee Sun Gyun (Choi Han Seong) Chae Jung Ahn (Han Yoo Joo)
Every time I looked for a drama to watch I always skipped over this one. I thought "Oh this show is old, it's probably not good." I was completely wrong with that thought. This show is certainly worth the watch. It wasn't the least bit boring especially since you had a group of people who weren't scared to really put themselves out there to reach an achievement for their roles. ^_^ Like, who eats pizza like that anyways ? lol
If you watch the show long enough and you get to this scene, it makes you wonder do people who struggle with their sexuality actually feel this way?
Children don't look at this scene! Lol
Mission accomplished ^_^
Lol this scene makes me laugh everytime. I should seriously go watch this show again just because the coffee princes really make the show extra hilarious. Even if you are in a bad mood, just watch this show for a good laugh. ^_^
So goooood
I love this drama too :)