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All you Amazon fans out there, today's your lucky day.

I gave up on eBay a long time ago and fell in love with Amazon. It was a pretty simple love story and we have been pretty inseparable since. Not every company follows through when they talk about a grand plan, but Amazon -- they make things happen. About a year or so ago, the company hinted the idea of creating their own fashion line. I mean why not? Being that they house nearly 30 million clothing items via their site.
Well, great news is that they have officially sealed the deal and Amazon will be launching their very own fashion line sometime in the near future and they have big dreams in the works. According to Women's Wear Daily, 'The company has been on a hiring spree, bringing on people with fashion experience that can bring the new brand to life.' Amazon's goal is to takeover some of your favorite big name stores like Nordstrom and Macy's within the next year or so. Stay tuned because big thangs are in the works for your favorite online retailer.

Will you be one of many dabbling in Amazon's fashion line?

I'll have to research the clothing line @jordanhamilton but it doesn't surprise me that they are branching out in this direction.
they are both pretty big corporations! @EasternShell
that would be AMAZING! I think they should def cater to everyone :) @VeronicaArtino
if they have a plus size line I will be so down. this is awesome.
you can but the share prices are probably high as compared to their original launch @jordanhamilton I used to be a huge online shopper and when I noticed I stopped their the most I knew the company would last
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