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Genre: Angst
Members: Jimin; Reader(You); OC child; Minor appearances from other members.
Part: 8/8
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Summary: It was a cycle of shutting out and being shut out. Whether Jimin realized it or not, he was the one who had started it so it was only right that he end it

Jjeuril was there and so were you, and Iseul.
Precious little Iseul was crying.
And Jimin wasn’t sure what to do.
He had come, after another few months of hiding from you, to try and talk things out once more. He brought Jjeuril with him for support and while he parked the car he had told Jjeuril to head up to your apartment and wait for him. He never knew that you were going to let her in, and so he had come in to see you two screaming at each other; tiny little Iseul scared and whimpering. Iseul was now over a year, he noted sadly. She was speaking. Even through her tears, Jimin could hear her soft spoken words. But you were too busy arguing with Jjeuril to comfort her and when Jimin had held his hands out for her, she turned away from him, crying softly into your legs.
Seeing his daugher, so big now, and shying away from him had sucked up all his focus that he hadn’t even realized that you and Jjeuril had brought him into the arguement until his name was called. Jimin had trouble averting his gaze from Iseul and her tears; he wanted her to smile, not cry. Why was she crying?
Jjeuril roughly patted his shoulder, “Jimin!” She snapped, “Tell her!” Jimin suddenly looked afraid, pleading gaze shifting up to Jjeuril stone set expression.
“Jjeu..” He whispered, “Please..don’t-”
“Tell her Jimin.” She pressed,”You tell her or I will.” He deflated, sadly gazing over to you.
“I..I can’t help you with Iseul..” He stated somberly, “Jjeuril and I…we’re having a child of our own and I can’t-” His voice died out when you suddenly burst into tears. It had been a long time since he had seen you look so hurt. Jimin reached out for you, tears coming to his own eyes, when you lurched away from him, scooping up Iseul and cradling her to your chest. “Y/N, please understand..” He pleaded. “I can’t..not two kids..I just can’t.” His voice was strained and he was about ready to curl up and die, “Just tell me you understand. Please don’t cry, Y/N, please. Just tell me you understand; I need to know that you-”
“I don’t understand!” You shouted at him,”I-I don’t..she needs you just as much as your other baby does. You said you didn’t want anything to do with her, so why do you keep coming back!? Stop..stop hurting us, Jimin. I’m tired of wishing that you’ll say you stay every time you come around; you’re not..just go.”
He stepped back towards the door, Jjeuril beside him, “Then I’ll go..” he mumbled, “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry Iseul.”
It had been five years since he felt like this, but standing there in that hall, he was reliving it all again. His son nudged him, pointing somewhere off to the side, “Dad, my class is here.” He whispered, curiously following his father’s gaze to the teacher comforting a student in the hall two doors down. “We’re going to be late for the Father’s Day presentation to the class.” He huffed, “I already told everyone about you, we can’t be late.” His son frowned, tugging at his arm again, “Dad! Stop staring! Iseul cries every year at the Father’s Day presentation!”
Jimin felt his heart stop.
Her name was Iseul.
He hadn’t realized he was crying until his little boy was asking if he was alright. Jimin wiped at his eyes, nodding his head, “Yeah, I’m fine..let’s go inside, alright?” His son opened the door just as his name was being called for the presentation.
Jimin followed him to the front of the class, smiling softly at the children and their fathers. “Hi, I’m Park Jimin.. I’m Choseul’s father. He’s my only son-”
A little girl towards the front of the class politely raised her hand, but blurted out her question,”You don’t have any daughters, Mr Park?” Jimin averted her curious stare, clearing his throat,
“N-no..I don’t..” He lied quietly. He shifted in his spot, glancing at the door, “I..I don’t feel well, please excuse me.” He brushed aside Choseul, urging him to sit in his seat and that he’d be back in a moment. The teacher blanched, hurriedly calling out the next name on the list as Jimin left the class, making a sharp left.
The teacher and Iseul were gone. Eyes cutting to the end of the hall, he caught sight of her turning the corner. Without much thought, he ran, unfamiliar with the rush of emotion as he called out her name for the first time in years, “Iseul!” She glanced back, frightened by the man running towards her and calling out her name and started to run herself, hiding in a corner under the stairwell.
But Jimin had saw her do so.
Crouched down, he came over to her slowly, hands held out before him. “It’s alright, Iseul..” He soothed, “I’m not going to hurt you..I’m Choseul’s dad..he’s a year younger than you, but do you know him?” He smiled at her soft nod, “You do? Are you two friends?” He asked hopefully, smile dropping when she shook her head, “W-why not?”
“He and his friends are mean to me.” She whispered, curling in on herself, “Because I only have my mom…It’s just me and Mommy.” She cried. He moved closer, lightly touching her head. He remember the children in school who were treated differently for having only one parent. Shamefully, he’d admit that he had, on more than one occasion, teased the boy in his class who only had his mother. He had heard first hand, what they said about the boy and the even more terrible things said about his mother and Jimin didn’t want to believe that those things were being said to Iseul.
That his son was saying that to her.
To his own sister.
“I’m sorry Iseul.” Jimin wept, “I’m so sorry..”
She rested her head on her knees, sniffling, “Mommy doesn’t talk about him..I want to know what he was like, but grandmother says it’s better not to ask.” She raised her eyes up to him.
And all Jimin saw was that wide eyed toddler staring up at him from her crib.
“What kind of dad are you, Mr Park?”
“A terrible one.” he whispered, rubbing his eyes, “The worst.”
“Choseul says you’re a really good dad.” She murmured, reaching out to pat his shoulder, “You may think you’re bad, but Choseul thinks you’re good..He’s mean to me, but he’s right most of the time.” Iseul smiled at him, drying her tears, “I think you’re a good dad too, Mr Park. You don’t have to cry anymore.” Jimin laughed bitterly, crying harder,
“You’re so perfect Iseul..I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for everything.” He sighed heavily, body weighed down with grief, “I’ll talk with Choseul, he won’t bully you anymore-”
“But he’s right.” She replied seriously. Jimin frowned at her.
“Right about what?”
She looked away, “I haven’t figured it out yet, but he’s right..about why my dad is gone.” Her hands folded together and she stared at her shoes, “There’s something wrong with me..That’s why Choseul says he’s gone.” Iseul admitted quietly, “And I don’t know what it is yet..but that has to be why he’s gone. I listen to mommy and grandmother, I do well in school, I behave..but he’s not here..“
He shook his head furiously, there was nothing wrong with her and everything was wrong with him, “You’re perfect, Iseul-”
“If I’m perfect then why isn’t he here?!” She cried out suddenly, “Why doesn’t he love me?”
“He loves you, I swear. He loves you more than anything.” He had wanted hug her since he saw her crying in the hall, but he couldn’t. She didn’t know him. To her, she was just another student’s concerned father. All Jimin could do was sit under the stairs and cry with her and hope she understood that he loved her dearly. But deep down he knew she thought her father had no feelings towards her. And he didn’t know what to do.
Iseul shook her head, not believing him, “Then why isn’t he here..?”
“He’s a coward.” Jimin gasped. Why couldn’t she understand that he loved her? He loved her so much. “He made a huge mistake..”
“Get away from her.”
Jimin flinched away from the little girl, whirling around to face you. “Y/N! Y/N, we need to talk-”
“We don’t, Jimin.” You pleaded softly, “We really don’t.” He rushed towards, you, ushering you out of Iseul’s hearing range,
“She thinks something’s wrong with her!” He whispered frantically, “My innocent little girl thinks something’s wrong with her and that’s why I’m not there. It’s me who has something wrong. I’m the one she should be blaming, why is she blaming herself?” He cried before you, oblivious to anyone else. You needed to know what went through your daughter’s head. His daughter’s head. “Y/N, Iseul’s so hurt. Why is our little girl so broken?”
You shook your head firmly,“She’s my little girl, not yours.” Jimin wasn’t about to get away with that. She wasn’t his little girl, he had left.
He shook his head sadly, “Don’t do this-” He was serious this time. Jimin wanted to be in Iseul’s life. She needed him so desperately. He needed her. Jungkook had been right all these years, a little girl does need her father and Jimin had been neglectful for too long.
“You!” You hissed, quickly quieting your voice, “You..You did this when you decided that the only people you needed to care about were Jjeuril and your unborn child. I didn’t do anything, Jimin…I couldn’t..I couldn’t force you to want her.” You looked away from him, “She’s so quiet and shy and I’m so scared. All I can do is hope that she thinks my love is enough, but she doesn’t and I don’t know what to do.”
“Let me tell her.” he suggested softly, “I’ll make everything right.”
“How will you explain that you’ve been close by her whole life and did nothing? You can’t do that without hurting her, Jimin. Just listen to me for once and stop. You’ve hurt our daughter enough.”
He glanced back at Iseul, wiping at his tears in frustration, “I’m sorry Iseul.” She glanced up at him, giving him a soft smile,
“Don’t cry, Mr. Park, you’re a really good dad. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Choseul’s really lucky.”
“I’m sorry..."

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