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Even though the age of arcades is long gone -- and probably never coming back -- I still have fond memories of spending almost all of my time in one. I learned how to play Street Fighter in an arcade, I learned how to make friends in an arcade, and I had my first kiss in an arcade. But as I got older they all started to disappear from my town.
But in the winter of 2014, one opened up (it closed last November, unfortunately) and I spent almost every night there. And after a short conversation with @TurtleyTurtles about DDR, it made me think about my all-time favorite arcade game.
Even though I love playing fighting games -- in an arcade and at home -- I absolutely fell in love with the Initial D arcade game my local arcade got their hands on. It wasn't localized for the West, so almost everything was in Japanese but it was easy to figure out how to play and what tracks to choose.
And fortunately, I have this picture of myself playing the game when I was still a human with long hair and a watch (I wonder where that went). But I remember coming into the arcade at the same time every week just to see if I could beat the times set by other people (I did). I even joined tournaments that the arcade held for the game (I got 2nd place, still bitter about that).
But the best part of this driving game is that the wheel spun like an actual wheel on a car. I mean, you know when you play racing games in arcades the wheel gets stuck at a certain part and you can turn it all the way to the left or the right in the same way you can in a real card? It didn't suffer from that. The wheel even had a little bit of force-feedback so every car in the game felt different from the last one you drove.
Back then, there was nothing more exhilarating than fake drifting around corners without worrying about crashing or dying in a horrible accident. I still remember the hours my best friend and I would spend in there trying to beat each other's times. It was fun amazing. And if I ever get a chance to go to Japan, I'll be looking for this cabinet as soon as I get to one of their arcades. Even now, I still dream about playing it.
But what are your guys' favorite arcade games? Or are you all too young to know what an arcade is? Let me know in the comments!
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@InVinsybll, the last time I played that TMNT game I was at barcade in brooklyn and this hipster with glasses and i had shared little talks between each other. i'm not even sure if she was really there or if my mind was playing tricks on me.
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@MaighdlinS I was always so afraid of those games when i was younger! i felt like i'd fall off the bike even though it wasn't a real one, hahaha
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@MoisEsGaray, MVC YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS, I was never good at them but I sure loved playing them when I was younger
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@paulisadroid hahah awesome man! I'm a huge fan of fighing games hahah so those were my mains in the arcades. ... but now that I remembered another one that is a classic and I always loved playing when I went to the arcades was good old pac-man! (sigh) that game is so addicting LOL so simple but man addicting hahah
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@MoisEsGaray TOTALLY PAC-MAN. One of the many times I found myself in a bar that had Pac-Man I ended up spending my whole night beating the high score, hahaha
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