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I just caught up on Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2, and the pretty boy I formerly hated because he was after Shirayuki is now not-so-bad to me.
In the most recent ep, we got a bigger hint about just WHY Kazuki was helping the Lions kidnap Shirayuki. In fact, it seems like it was his idea. He heard that Shirayuki was forced to flee her home, and he wanted to give her a new one. He also though that he had a better place for her, and that it would make his Pops happy. I actually have a theory that the Mountain People are linked to Shirayuki for more than just that, but I have yet to figure out why.
You could see that just like Shirayuki has surprised, well, everyone in this series, she also surprised Kazuki throughout these most recent episodes with her steeliness & determination. She stays strong until she sees Kiki and hears Zen has come, at which point she finally cries.
I really like Kazuki now that I know he has a rough past (the Claw of the Sea is so MEAN), and that he probably felt that he was doing a good thing for someone by taking her away from Zen's castle.

Who else likes little Kazuki?

I know he's happy with the Lions, but I secretly hope he joins Zen's little crew :3
Anyways! I'm sure we'll find out in an episode or two why his pretty face had to get beat up like this!!
I'm also planning on starting to watch the dub of season 2 once a few more episodes of out, so look forward to my review of that ^_^
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the dub is pretty good you'll like it I'm sure of it
I actually like him to and I think it would be even more exciting if he join zenith and the others
the manga is way past that point, and its really good xD I won't spoil anything aside from saying that there is another reason that the mountain people want her
@YukiHime17 I watched the first season of the dub and liked it! I just wanted like....at least 5 eps of the season 2 dub out before I start it ^-^
@Shiaiyuki I am excite :3