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Just this past Saturday, the former Desperate Housewives star showed off more skin than she intended to at the Cannes Film Festival, where she hiked up her Versace gown to avoid a puddle, and accidentally ended up revealing her lady parts to a swarm of photographers. A regrettable mistake, sure, but we can't help but think the brunette beauty should have a command of going commando by now—or have given it up completely!—given the overwhelming number of wardrobe malfunctions she's suffered.
@miranpark88 you mean clothing tape? apparently Eva, and her stylist have never heard of this fashion breakthrough lol
@shoenami she is one of those celebs with substance.. she even received Masteral credits going to Continuing education school for 3 years!
hmm......tape? ahhahahahahahaha
lol.. I like her thought.. sje seems to be a very nice person.. I've watched an interview with her once and she answered very nicely and cleverly
I didn't realize that too! Apparently, her malfunction in Cannes was not the first one.. lol it happened repeatedly!
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