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On May 20, Lee Seung Gi attended a press conference for his drama “Gu Family Book” at MBC’s Dream Center Multipurpose Auditorium in Ilsan, Gyeonggido. The emcee for the event brought up the topic of celebrities and publicly dating, to which he said, “First of all, I’m envious.” He continued, “Later, when there’s a person I want to get married to, I hope that she will be older like senior Jeon In Hwa, wife of senior Yoo Dong Geun. It would be great if she could maintain such [beautiful] looks and cool air. I think it’s good to be a celebrity couple. Don’t think it’s a bad idea.” Lee Seung Gi went on, “There isn’t an actress I currently want to marry. I’m only 27 so I don’t really have much thoughts on marriage. Marriage is such a far off deal for me. However, when I do get married later, I want it to be like seniors Yoo Dong Geun and Jeon In Hwa. I hope that I can give off that feeling as we age.”