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A good friend of mine recently moved to the city her boyfriend got a job in. I've moved for family and I've moved for work, but I've never truly left a place to be with my partner.

But it got me thinking: If I was ever in a seriously serious relationship, would I move across the country (or the world) for my S.O.?

And, if I did that, how serious would the relationship have to be? How would I weigh the pros and cons? Here are some things I would try to factor into it that decision ---


- I would mean a fresh and exciting start!
- It would help build your relationship. Moving with someone is pretty exciting!
- It's an opportunity to have a new experience, and to challenge yourself a little bit.


-It would mean leaving your current career/life
- It could mean relocating further away from family and friends
- You might have to rely on your partner more.
Whether you decide to move or not, it's a big decision on your part with a lot of things to weigh. It means moving your whole life! But if you are willing, I say go for it.

Would you move for a serious S.O.?

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Of course. You're going to uproot yourself for someone. Maybe starting a career over in another state. Leaving your family, or the friendships you've built. Yeah, you need to know that what you're leaving behind is worth giving up for this man or woman. @nicolejb
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@ThePervySage I'm such a career person though, gah idk if I could do it unless I had an awesome job on the other side XD i guess I need to stop thinking about what would happen, and just figure it out if it does
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@nicolejb In your case you would have to think about what is more important for you. Your career might be something that isn't in demand in a certain area. Or maybe your career is something where you can go into business for yourself. These are things that you have to weigh out.
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totally @ThePervySage like if that person is moving to the middle of nowhere we are going to have a big problem... haha
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@nicolejb.. well personally me, myself and I.. would not relocate just for romance.. nop.. he can come visit me or move to where I am if he wants to.. If I am married and my husband needs to relocate YES I will do it not thinking about it..
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