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*ring ring* I hear my alarm clock wake me up. I try to get up but, too tired from the move from California to south Korea. I get up and see boxes all around me. I finally got ready and headed out the door. I don't know anyone here. I never been outside my apartments. I walk around the streets and it's really crowded. I dazed off and after a 30 minute walk I noticed girls screaming at a group of boys. I didn't want to get involved so I tried going around but more girls ran to the crowd causing me to fall down. I was in pain. I sat there rubbing my shin cause someone kicked me. All of a sudden i hear whispers around me. I see a hand in front of my face. I held that persons hand but I couldn't walk. My shin was in too much pain. I looked up to see who helped me. He had beautiful black eyes. He had cute orange hair. I didn't notice I was staring at him for about a minute. "Hey are you alright?" he asked looking concerned at me. I snap myself out of it. "yeah, thanks, it just hurts to walk on it" All the fangirls around us just stood there mad dogging me. "Here let me help you" he tried to help me walk but I couldn't. "please it's fine I'll just get a cab home." I said trying to stand up on my own. I didn't want to seem weak. " Hey Jimin we gotta go!" I hear one of his friends call for him. He pulled out his phone calling a cab to get me. I just stood there on one leg emmberased. "Hey I called a cab for you. I would help you but I really gotta go" "Jimin! we got to go now!" I see his friends calling him again. "Here I want to make sure your ok so here's my number." he said as he wrote his number on my hand. My face, I feel it heating up. "Hey what's your name? My name is Jimin." he said looking into my eyes. "(y/n), it's (y/n)" I hesitate. He smiles at me and waves me goodbye. what just happened I thought to my self. I can still feel my face burning up. I see my cab. I tell him to hurry up to my apartments I struggled up the stairs to my door. I staggered to unlock it. I limped into my bedroom hiding under my covers. His name is running through my mind. "should I text him?" I shoved everything out of my purse. I text in the number "Hey" after a few minutes *buzz buzz* I ran to my phone. I looked at who texted.
hope you guys enjoyed it please tell me what you guys think ❤
pls tagg
I can't find part 2. @SierraBecerra
I like it! at the end I was like Jimin sent a picture how cute....then I was like wait it's the end of the chapter nooooooo. @SierraBecerra I hope you tag me in the next part I'm so excited for it!!!
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