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But its all good c: the single life isnt too bad. It is a time to focus on one's self.
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hey freedom isn't so bad now right guys?! I mean there are beneficial things to it but hey more benefits for being single
this is me most of the time
Here's the thing with being single. It's like this Dane Cook joke. I'm paraphrasing, but it goes something like this. You're single, walking out in the rain all wet and lonely. You come up to a house, and everyone is inside, dry, happy, and in a relationship. They're all laughing and having a good time. You're looking in with your sad face like, "I want to be in there. I want to be happy like them." What you don't see though, is that person inside who notices you. And they're envious. They're like, "Look at him. I want to be where he's at. He's free to do what he wants, and he doesn't have to be at this stupid party with a bunch of people I don't even want to be around."
Hahahaha @ThePervySage I remember that joke!! it's exactly it though. we all want what we can't have!
My twin would always rub it in my face that I was single and that she was dating someone, until like a couple days ago I got a bf who's in a band