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how do i tell him how i feel about him wen every time i try , i cover it up with something else #ineedadvice #bestfriend
Super tough! honestly I'll just give you a little story lol When I was in high school and I wanted to say something totally embarrassing I waited until I had to go like literally leave and as I was turning to leave I said it and tried booking it lol they stopped me and it turned out amazing. not saying that's exactly what you should do and I also don't know your age or specific situation lol but if you can't bear to say it in person I honestly don't think there is any shame in saying it over a message either. best of luck
Yeah that's really good advice @nicolejb another thing I would add, is that high school is a really small part of life. Just keep being you and you'll be fine!
Oh man I know that feeling! I'm a goofy person so a lot of times I cover up whatever I want to say with a joke... but maybe set out some time to talk to him one on one. let him know you want to tell him something special, that way when he asks you won't trip up!
lol im in highschool @MaighdlinS
This is a tough situation. But honestly, its better to just come out with it in your own time. Don't put pressure on yourself, when it happens, it happens. Don't think about it so much! Focus on things you want to do for yourself, and in time things will work out :)
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