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Teams are trying to find anyway to create an edge over their opponent in the NBA.
One of the latest trends is intentionally fouling poor free throw shooters during stretches of the game. Teams have gone to extreme measures to foul these guys, some of which have placed players in harms way.
The NBA has seen enough of this issue, and issued a memo to the NBA on the topic.
The NBA has informed teams that jumping on a player's back to commit an intentional foul could be ruled a flagrant violation.
In a memo sent to teams Tuesday and posted on, the league called the tactic a "potentially dangerous play against a player in a vulnerable position."

Do you think the league is inching closer to changing to Hack-A-Player rule?

Definitely not jumping on top of them but still make it a rule haha
They are for sure....but I personally would like to see them keep the rule! Its all part of strategy and although it does make the games a bit longer, I think it should stay as an integral part of the game.