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Have you picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, yet? No? Is it because you don't want to shell out 60 dollars for a game that you'll mostly play online and ignore all of the other modes? Well, if you answered yes to that last question, then Activision just answered you by making the multiplayer component of their game 15 bucks on Steam.
Now, unfortunately, the deal is only available until February 29th but it's the thought that counts right? If I had a PC that could run video games that weren't indie titles then I'd definitely pick this up just to get back into the feeling of playing competitive shoot-y multiplayer matches.
Even though I don't really play COD anymore (my "good ol' days" for Call of Duty were around the time Modern Warfare 2 and World at War came out), I'd still like to see how I'd do at the newer title.
And it seems like offering the multiplayer component of the game as a stand-alone product is a little experiment that Activision is running to see how well a structure like this will do. Honestly, I hope that it's something that sticks because I feel like if a future game like this (by "like this" I mean, geared towards a multiplayer experience) allows me to only purchase the multiplayer portion for a price that's significantly lower than the full game, I'd pick it up immediately.
But I'm not sure if it would catch on, though. It seems like Call of Duty has a big enough fanbase now that they'd get the new iteration no matter what form it came in. Do any of you guys see yourselves buying just the multiplayer portions of games if it would save you some money? And how do you feel about games that are more multiplayer-centric? Let me know in the comments!
And if you want to pick up CoD: BLOPs 3's multiplayer for your computer, you can do so here.
That's a really good idea, I mean if you know all you need is the multiplayer part, then just pay for what you need. I'm the opposite, unless my friends desperately need me in their team, I'm happier with single player campaign. Am I weird?
@Animaniafreak Not at all. One of my cousins only likes Call of Duty for the single player stuff as well. It's a lot cheaper than having to pay to play online but you still get to enjoy the game
I think this is a step in the right direction. there's so much attention paid to multiplayer over anything else now anyway, so just get down to it. this is how battlefront should have been sold, especially considering that there's no single player mode at all.
Lord Soft Bottom raises a good point. does it come with zombies?