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Toning sets the tone.

As we all know by now, toning you face is a must. Think of a painter and their palette, before they begin painting they much first put down a blueprint or in other words brainstorm. In order to have that glow you're looking for, you have to add toning to your daily routine.
While toners can sometimes break your pockets, I'm always down for a fun do it yourself project and what better thing to create then a toner. If you aren't already aware, apple cider vinegar has a lot of amazing benefits as far as when it comes to your skin. This toner will give you the refreshed feeling and the glow you're looking for on a lovely budget. Keep scrolling to see how you can make a toner of your own.

Do you tone your face?

Would you create your very own?
well, everyone's skin has its own level of sensitivity @jordanhamilton, so what works for some, might not work for others. however, having said that, I am a believer in helichrysum because it reduces inflammation and has been shown to significantly improve skin condition. as with any essential oil, you always want to inhale it because the inhalation is the only 1 of our senses that is barrier-free. it goes directly to the brain. helichrysum can be used topically, ingested, inhaled and diffused. highly recommended. @jordanhamilton
I just made one w just diluted APV and it already is working great! The pores on my nose are finally getting smaller. That is a really good idea to put chamomile tea in it. I'll do that next. :)
essential oils and apple cider vinegar: secrets to beauty and youth!!!!!!
@jordanhamilton Sorry, just saw this now. But I got lazy for a while so the pores are starting to go back to it's big size again. D:
me too! @primodiva93
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