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In 2015, the Tigers dropped off the playoff map.
The combination of loss talent via free agency and untimely injuries left this team incapable of competing in a surprisingly good AL Central last year. In the 2016 off season, the front office hit the ground running looking to get back to their winning ways.
Based on the talent acquired, will this team have the talent to turn the corner this year?
The team needed to at a strong bat to the lineup around Miguel Cabrera and Ian Kinsler, so they nabbed Justin Upton in a monster off-season deal.
Pitching will play a key role in this teams success. Assuming Verlander can sustain the momentum from the second half of the past season, the Tigers' rotation appears to be in good shape. Behind Verlander will be free-agent acquisition Jordan Zimmermann and a healthy Anibal Sanchez, whose 2015 season was cut short by shoulder injury. Another free-agent signing, Mike Pelfrey, should anchor the back end of the rotation.
Do the Tigers have the talent to make a World Series push this year?
Maybe the playoffs...but def not the World Series. They need another Scherzer to pull that off.
Ehhh Upton a pretty solid player...but not enough to put them in the World Series spot!
@DucktheFodgers Exactly my point