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I spent a good part of my night last night talking to one of my friends back home over the phone. And instead of asking about each other's lives we probably had the best podcast-esque conversation about the last generation of consoles and our favorite games from that time period.
As the conversation evolved into all the time we spent with certain games, we slowly started listing our favorite DLC from some of those games. Honestly, it was kind of weird that most of my favorite moments from last generation (other than those wonderful EA Skate games) had to do with the DLC other than the main game.
So, as a result, I want to share a bit of that conversation with you guys. I'm going to try my best to mimic the way I was talking last night after a bunch of cups of coffee and cigarettes, so I'm sorry in advance. Also, spoilers for each DLC.

GTA IV -- The Lost and Damned

I think, like, playing The Lost and Damned was a pretty big moment for me. Yeah, yeah, we played a ton of it. But, like, I was getting into Sons of Anarchy at the same time so, like, I'd watch an episode and then play a little bit of it. I'm pretty sure by the end of the game, though, I was all MC'd out [forced laughter]. But, like, I know this is fucked up but I enjoyed how much of a bummer it was. Like how it ends with them burning down the clubhouse and everything, it was like "Damn, fuck. This sucks. Why didn't we just go straight?" And then in GTA V when Johnny showed up for a second just to get murdered by Trevor, that sucked. I really liked that guy.

Fallout: New Vegas -- Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts was really sick 'cause, like, throughout playing the game we got all those loading screen messages about this dude The Burned Man, or Joshua Graham, and I was always like, "I want to know more about that dude. What's he all about?" And eventually this DLC came out and answered all that shit for me. I'm pretty much the biggest lore-nerd for Fallout -- I'm pretty sure you know that already [laugh] -- so I talked to this fucking guy for like 3 hours. It was amazing. Also traveling to somewhere outside of Nevada was a trip. I really love seeing more of the Fallout universe. It was dope, dude. The one thing that weirded me out was all the Christianity though. But, like, still interesting to see how a post-apocalyptic society would interpret that shit.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Dawnguard

Alright, so, I don't know if you did this in vanilla Skyrim, but like, I immediately became a fucking werewolf. When I found out that was an option I was like, of-fucking-course I want the ability to shift into a monster and maul everyone in front of me. I swear, I used that ability more than I used any of the dragon shouts. So, like when Dawnguard came out and I had the decision to join the vampires or destroy them, of course I destroyed them. Like, fighting vampires as a werewolf was awesome as fuck and I wouldn't have done it any other way... Well, yeah of course I did it as a vampire too, I needed those achievements, dog.
Are there any DLC add-ons that you guys liked from last generation (Xbox 360, PS3) that stuck out in your head? Hash it out in the comments below!!
@InVinsybll no no that's a GREAT part. welcome to the great part club bby
oh also, Broken Steel is really the only DLC I can think of that I've ever bought. so that's my pick for this.
@paulisadroid if there's no traffic between me and the toilet is that a good part?
@InVinsybll a good part is equal to the length of time it takes to travel from one place to another without traffic, probably. and when i talk to someone for the bad part of my day it usually comes out in weird latin i never knew that i could speak
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