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In a completely out of character move for the usually stoic fashionista, Victoria Beckham teared up while watching husband David Beckham's final soccer match of his career. The former Spice Girls singer shed the tear in the stands, alongside her sons Romeo and Cruz, while Beckham played in Paris at the Parc des Princes stadium on May 18. The 38-year-old soccer star announced last week that his season with Paris St.-Germain will be his last. He signed with the team back in January of this year with a five-month contract. cr:Eonline
@kristenadams @oj1992 @shoenami Yes! this moment made her much more likeable! without that constant grim pout! She has emotions! yay! lol
this was a touching moment. sometimes i tend to tsee posh as a cold person but this is one of the few moments where she seems human LOL
I agree! goes that they're really emotionally invested with each other! this I think is really sweet :D and also to prove to the world that yes, Posh has emotions lol
@oj1992 but you can tell that Posh and David are really in love, they're really emotionally connected
I wld too if my dearie Beckham cries ...