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As many of you guys know I love this girl right here. Once you get past her jealous Tsundere attitude, She is literally one of the sweetest most loyal girls you'd ever want to be with!
Chitoge is the daughter of the Beehive Gang Boss Adelt Wagner and a Very successful CEO Hana Kirisaki. She is half American and Half Japanese. She is fluent in both English and Japanese. In the Anime/Manga Chitoge serves as the fake girlfriend of Raku Ichijo for the next 3 years in order to prevent a war between their two crime families.
Being Fluent in both English and Japanese Chitoge is very smart. She does have some quirks though that make her character hilarious and adorable. She is somewhat forgetful, very aggressive and quick to attack anyone (Mainly Raku) out of pure jealousy. Other than her jealous behavior once you get past all that she is one of the sweetest and most talkative people you would ever meet. She's the type of person that will go out of her way to help someone. She also can't cook, because she doesn't measure ingredients and she adds random things to a dish that she thinks will make the dish taste good. A good example would be the time she tried to make Marika Tachibana eat her words by trying to make a tasty bento with a fried egg which was shaped like a cube. Raku at least tried it (Way to go bro) but it results in him fall to the ground with a loud crash!
Chitoge is very Athletic and also very agile. She is able jump over her schools walls, swim 25 meters in just 2 seconds (Damn) and is able to run a marathon without even breaking a sweat while toting a box of kittens (it's in the manga).
Chitoge like I said above is Half American and Half Japanese making her a HafΕ«. Due to this, her skin is fair and her complexion is pale. Her eyes are a very beautiful aqua blue and she has long flowing blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. She considered tall by most standards and with her Voluptuous figure, many people associate her with being a super model. Her most iconic feature is her red ribbon that she uses to tie her hair. In School she normally wears a half-sleeved white shirt with a blue sailor-style collar attached at the lower part of her neck and a thin orange tie laced through a loop at the end of her shirt and a blue skirt that reaches around her upper thighs. She also wears thigh high socks and brown slip-on loafers. During the winter she still has the same uniform style, but instead of her short sleeved shirt she wears a long sleeved shirt. When Chitoge is not in school she tends to wear blouses, skirts, dresses, small heels, and occasionally wears pants. During events such as her birthday she wears an elegant dress with her hair done in a bun and a necklace
Well that's Chitoge Kirisaki Ladies and Gentlemen! She is my 5th Waifu in my Harem. When I first met her I got lost in her Eyes from the beginning and I just kept falling in love with her character ever since the Manga and Anime were released! Her Character is amazing! lol She's a total Sweetheart @hikaymm @Aimebolanos @InVinsybll
love this anime it awesome πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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