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https://youtu.be/8xe6nLVXEC0 My daughter showed me this video and I personally LOVED it. There is so much truth in this! But that's my opinion. I'd love to hear what other people think about this video!
@buddyesd I live in a small town in wi but I'm from a big city in Illinois that's really close to Chicago which I've been to many times. so my friends here after they drive with me started referring to me as The Chicago driver. I'm thinking that's not a compliment but more of a "she's crazy" in a nice way cuz I guess I'm a defensive driver but in Chicago you have to be or they'll have you for breakfast!!!
@buddyesd I'm a skilled Daydreaming over analyzing, deep thought processing driver!!!! I'm a better driver that way less impatient with people that did not pay attention in driving school. sadly I have a few driving peeves I'm working on.
i jst try not to do it while I'm driving lol
definitely POWERFUL! I never even thought about it like this.
#sadtruth OMG! wow. need everyone to see this
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