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https://youtu.be/8xe6nLVXEC0 My daughter showed me this video and I personally LOVED it. There is so much truth in this! But that's my opinion. I'd love to hear what other people think about this video!
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@carmaa10 No way don't be sorry I actually completely agree with your opinion and think you should keep saying it and sharing this to many people. This does need to be addressed!!! The only way is by one person having the courage and passion about the issue to start the conversation and get it addressed! The fact that you took the extra step and sent this to a principal is beyond awesome to me!!!! It's exactly that kind of action that can start the ball rolling!!! The schools are not preparing people for real world and what if they come from a home that's broken like so many do like I did. I had to figure out so many things on my own. Basic things that I should have been taught. I admire the extra step you took in sending to to a principal. Good for you. will you please let me know if he responds at all?
@2Distracted yeah, I'd be glad to! I'll be really excited if he actually responds, in a good way I hope. I'll just have to tell somebody!
@carmaa10 ill be looking forward to it. Its those action that get change. I think its awesome and actually makes me want to send it to my local principals. wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of people sent this to there local school leaders? This guy really did cover it all passionately! My daughter found that and was so pumped about it and was so excited to hear you sent that!!!
yeah, its be amazing if students and parents and really anybody were to send a link of this video to principles. heck, it might cause a change if enough schools want to change this!
@2Distracted ^^ forgot to tag you in the comment.