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We've all heard of exfoliating our skin, but have you heard about dry brushing? Well, if you haven't, today happens to be your lucky day. Dry brushing is an ancient beauty method that comes with a number of benefits including circulation and relieving yourself of some much needed stress.
Although your first idea would be to add water, keep in mind you're brushing your skin dry for a reason. If you're interested in increasing your circulation and decreasing your stress, keep scrolling to see how you can begin dry brushing.

Would you be down to give dry brushing a try?

I am so glad to see your posting about dry brushing, @jordanhamilton! I have been doing this for years now since my yoga teacher introduced me into it. You might feel little weird about it if you are a first timer for dry brushing. You are well explained all about it and I highly recommend! :)
yes..I had tried it last year and really love feel warm sensation in your skin..refreshing feeling
great to know ladies! @EasternShell @TerrecaRiley
thanks so much for chiming in @nylonchef9! I'm glad that you're familiar with this technique. I'm going to def give it a go.
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