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Here's another one @luna1171. Hope you like it 😊
"What am I to you?, what kind of person am I to you?....... am I a stranger?, just another person in this Earth?. Do you even know me?, do you know me well enough to come and act like you are a part of my life?. When my mother died I came running to you, you weren't there. When my sister died, I came running to you, you weren't there. When my father died of a heart attack I came running to you, you weren't there. You were the only person I go to because you were the only one that cared, the only person I had...... the only one I could look up to...... but you were never there when I came running to you. Was our friendship real or just another one of my pathetic illusions?, did you care when I told you everything that happened to me?. Why are you so protective of me?, we didn't even know each other for a long time, but we were close enough to actually be there for each other...... to call each other "brother". You weren't there for almost everything I ran to you for or to tell you..... at least to see you and calm myself down. So I will ask again, what am I to you?."
"I'm sorry"
"Just shut up"
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