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Hey guys!! So Show By Rock has uncommon characters??? Now they are from uncommon bands which make me wonder why don't they show us the bands in maybe a new season??? I don't know only 12 episodes of a show that got me into anime! I need more! Cyan does end up going back but we don't really know if she even joins the club at school. So new season or not??? Hopefully! Well peace out!!!
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@ShinigamiSan actually the first day I met u I said how cute he was and then I was messing around with u about yaoi and shut up about the crush I don't any more after all I have a boyfriend now and just forget about that and message me please it gets boring cause I don't have any friends to talk to
@gabbycalzada I was using that past statement to make a point that I knew you were straight. That is all. You don't have to get defesive over it.
@ShinigamiSan I know sorry just not in a good mood
@ShinigamiSan I felt like I had to tell u something don't know what tho