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What was my first impression of each member?
Okay, Leo was the very first one that caught my attention, I thought he was Gorgeous. he was my first Vixx Bias.
My First impression of N/Hakyeon. he Really stood out to me in the "Hyde" Music video, my first impression of him didn't really change that much, I thought he was So adorable, and I imagined him with a Fun Personality. I've been listening to Vixx for a long time now, and he still has that impression on me. He's just so cute! 😊
Hongbin drew my attention in the "Error" Music video, I saw him as sweet, caring, and a Gentleman.
I Noticed Hyuk for the first time in a Vixx TV episode, he seemed so sweet, and he had a cute smile.
He stood out to me when he was on Vixx TV, and he was so Funny, he was singing "on and on" in different Voices, it was so funny.
Okay, Now we are down to my Ultimate Bias, My Husband Ravi. I thought he was cute and seemed like he had a Fun personality, but it took some time for him to Grow on me like he did, I already liked him, but I was trying not to Like him too much, because he was trying to wreck my Bias list completely, and become Ultimate bias, and Guess what? He succeeded. Like people always say, "you don't choose your bias, your bias chooses you."