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Designed by Anthony Brown, this one-flower boutonniere is super stylish, simple, elegant and a punchy way to keep the men in the wedding on point. Whether or not you like the ranunculus flower, which is what is in this image, you can use just about any flower of your choosing.
Something to be cautious of is the size of the flower. The trend is to keep the flower small and without a lot frills. The image you see here has a slight flourish of seeded eucalyptus that adds softness to the stark masculinity of the color. Flourishes need to be small and subtle like what you see here. Don't go crazy with embellishments, unless that's your thing. But as far as size, it shouldn't look like a corsage, which can make him look cartoonish.
Stick to the basics and the classics. Listen to you gut and trust your floral designer!
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