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As Kang Chi and Yeol Wool are falling in love, Tae Seo is standing from afar, watching. Typical Korean drama. Ouch. But unlike the usual, I don't feel any sympathy for the second male lead this time. I used to like Tae Seo's character quite a lot. Until he betrayed Kang Chi. I understand the situation he was in and the need for him to turn his back against his brother, but that doesn't mean he was not a coward and jerk for doing so. What I am afraid is, Kang Chi is a person who will do EVERYTHING for his family even if they betray and abandon him. Will he give up his love this time too? What do you think?
@winterlovesong what about the new drama Monstar ?
@PhilKorea of course he have!!! because they parents want them together !!! but he didnt know KC and YW was friends when they were little ....I watch ep 16 .....was no com....i cant wait for the rest of story YW missing is make me sad ...
i think tae seo have feelings for yeo wool
@Reyam @winterlovesong KC mom is here and .....just see it i will not tell u anything ....:( ^_^
@winterlovesong @Reyam in ep 15 just see ....i saw and as i told u Kang Ci
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