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This time, he'll have a concert! Minoz Philippines, BE READY! It's on July 6 at the MOA arena. Prepare your wallets... hihi. This would be really fun! Aigooo! I just can't explain what I've felt as I knew about this! I'm just soooo excited! ^^ Fighting Minoz! Add'l info: Guys, the VVIP tix is about 10,500 php.
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Yes. :D I must be there. I just hope that my parents would permit me. -.-"
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haizzzz sayang wala ako s pinas, kelan kya cya mag totour d2 s lebanon....GOODLUCK MIN HO!
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where can I buy tickets?
5 years ago·Reply
sis panu b mg create ng panibagong folder?
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