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A few episode ago, we saw Yeol Wool's bewildered reaction to Kang Chi's transformation into a beast. Now it's Kang Chi's turn. In the next episode, Yeol Wool will strip down the rigid and boring male clothes that she has been having on since the start of the drama and clad herself in a beautiful pink hanbok (see the next photo). How will Kang Chi react?
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@reyam drama best site with new dramas !!!
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@MasriDaniela i always watch on drama crazy but they are not that fast when it comes to gu family book
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@Reyam yes u are right !!! but is the only one i can watch !!! now on ep15 wait for sub ....:(((((
5 years ago·Reply - you guys can watch it here :))
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@krizzaelhyzibab thanks a lot !!!
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