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*Ohh man ohh man ohh man* Why I'm so nervous. Like damnn,, I know its the finale but *relax Oh Ja-ni, Just breath slowly* "Welcome back everyone. Today things will be different today. You all will have different numbers. Today you will sing two different songs. One by yourself and the other song will with a partner. Also, the audience won't know who is who. You will be behind curtains. So you all have 30 minutes to find a partner as the first round begins. Please come forward to receive your number." I went forward and received my number. When I got my number, the lady smiles. "Seems like #7 again. May be your lucky number." "Thank you" I bow and calmly received my number. *Wow!!! Again. Maybe this will be my lucky day* As I was about to take my seat, someone behind me taps my shoulder. "Excuse me, have you found a partner?" "No, not yet" "That's great, can we be partners." "Sure, I'm J.J" "I'm Gook" "Wait , I think we met before." "We have?" "Yes, my real name is Oh Ja-ni" "Ohh snappp! It is you man. How you've been" He gives me a small punch on my shoulder *Oww* It hurted but I placed a straight face so he won't see it. "I am sorry for not noticing before. That day I was so nervous." "Its ok, I think we all are." "What number you was yesterday?" "#7" "Your the one with the electric violin?" "Yes." "Wow, you gotta teach me how to play. I was number #6" "You played nice too." "Still, electric is Wow!" *Oh shit, I'm blushing* I bow quickly a.d tried to contain myself. "So your #7 again. How lucky!" "Hopefully" "So what song should we sing.?" "Well since all YG family is here, let's choose one of their songs." "Ok, well are you good at rapping." "Yes." "Nice, why won't we do rap together and we sing individually.?" "Sounds good to me." "Now, which song should we do?" I look at the ground and then at the flat screen . I was seeing all the YG family sitting down. Then I saw them. I turn towards Gook and he did also . "Epik High!" We both said it at the same time. We both smiled and we laughed a little. "#3, your next" The lady called out Gook's number. "Good luck" I waved at Gook, and I turned towards the flat screen. Seeing the audience reactions towards Gook voice, which was beautiful. He sang "Shut up" By Daesung. I'm actually impressed because he sang it in Japanese version. *We will win tonight* When Gook came back inside the waiting room. I gave him a high five. "Gook, that was great" "Yo, I thought I would forget the words or mispronounce it" "Nah, you did awesome. Deasung was singing along and clapping his hands,even the audience" "Wow, that's so cool. What song your signing?" "I'm doing Jay Park- Promise" "Nice,go nail them." We kept chatting and chatting, till my number was called. I stand and started walking towards the stage. A gray curtain was in front of me. Then the light beamed at me. *Ok Oh Ja-ni, Let's do this* I close my eyes and waiting for the music. My mind took me to a different world. My body started to relax. Then I clear my throart and started signing. I can hear the audience signing along, which males my heart feel warm. Then the music ended. I feel free and happy to be able to share my voice to the world. The clapping and the screaming got me hyped. *Control yourself Ja-ni* As I walk inside the waiting room, Gook was looking at me with his mouth wide open. "What?" I look at him. "Dude, that voice" *damnn did he figure out I'm a woman* "Your voice is awesome. We will collaborate great" *oh thank god* "Thank you, now need to decide what song should we sing from Epik High" "True... hmmmmm"
We both started to listen to some music from Epik High. I already have a song in mind, but I don't know if it will be difficult. "Gook, Let's do this one" "Born Hater? But we can't curse." "Damn,, I forgot. But they can't beep it out." "I don't know, but the rules did said that we can't use curse words." "Let me ask, be right back" I walk out of the waiting room and started looking for the lady who has been with us. When I went to take a turn on a corner, I accidentally bumped into someone. "I'm sorry I'm sorry" I bow twice quickly and when I face the person who I bumped into, it was DJ Tukutz *Will I be damned* "Its ok, are you lost" He asked and smiled. *oMo.... * "No, I'm not lost, I'm looking for the lady who works here, I have a question to ask her" "Can you tell me, maybe I can help" *Aweeeee,,,, Oh Ja-ni, chill* "Well for the collaboration, my partner and I want to sing a song, but it has some curse words." "What song is that?" "Born Hater" "Wow, well since its Epik High, let me talk to CEO and the TV producer and see what they will say. I will then let the lady know and give you the news" "Thank you, and its awesome to meet you. " I bow and then walked away. *Oh God, that was DJ Tukutz, wow* I bit my lips. Then I enter inside the waiting room and told Gook. "What!!?? Wow, your lucky to meet him. he is my favorite" "I just hope we can sing this song. " Then the lady enters. "Everyone gather up, I got news. There's been a tiny change with the rules. Some of you want to choose a song witch may contain curse words. So the CEO and the TV producer will allow it and they will beep the words on TV. So please prepare .. we will be going in air in 2 minutes. #2 & #5 please get ready." Then all of a sudden the lady walk towards us with #6 "Since, there's only 7 people #6 is left out without a partner. Someone told me to have #6 Collaborate with both of you. Will this be ok" "Ya sure! #7 let's do this!!" "Sounds good to me" I smile towards #6. "Hello I'm Gook and he is J.J." "Hello, I'm Alex" "Oh your american?" I asked. "Yes, I was born in Chicago, but my parents and I move to Korea when I was 2" "Cool. I was in the states the past five years." "Where?" "Los Angeles" Then all of a sudden... "#1 & #4 your next" "Ohh snap, we are next,, ok so Alex, we are doing Born Hater. Do you know the song" "Hell ya.. Love Epik High" "Awesome, ok so we gonna be taking turns." I show Gook and Alex which parts they will be signing and which ones I will do. . We all agreed to our parts and we start to get ready for our turn. Then it was time.. "Come on let's put our hands together" Gook excitedly said. *Ohh boy, another Tony* I smiled. Alex and me put out hands together. "1,2,3 Fighting!!" We all said together. We walked towards the stage, and we grabbed our mics. The music began and so we did. We looked at each other we started rapping. I agreed we look freaking cool. When we was done, the crowd went crazy. He high five each other. The feels of hearing the people cheering for you. Its just awesome.
"Wow, we heard incredible voices tonight. I bet tonights votes will be difficult. Now we will reveal who sand who from the first round." Everyone was lined up from 1-7 with a poster on their hands which says the solo song we each sang from the first round. The. the curtains go up. The crowd cheered and the Idols clapped. Ohhh how bad I want to just *Relax,, relax* "Now we saw who sang from the first round, now go to your partners you collaborate with in the second round." Gook and Alex stand beside me. And then we dropped our old card and we lift up our collaboration song. "Alright everyone, its voting time. The number is on the screen for those who are voting at home. The audience will have a button in their hands. This time you will choose which group collaborated well and which number will be great for the next new YG male group." We stand and we wait for the results. Gook and Alex was whispering to each other, but I couldn't pay attention to them. I was looking down buy at the same time I can see the idols. They are talking to each other. *I wonder...* "Welcome back everyone. Now we got the results. First we going to announce the best collaboration group. So the group which held the most votes is..#3 #6 &#7" We bow and Gook just whispered to himself. "Yesss!!" I smirked and just hold a huge smile. "Congratulations, Now let's announce those who will be YG's new male kpop group. So everyone please step forward towards the stage." We all walked forward and we stand their like tiny soldiers. *oh god, why I'm shaking, Breath Oh Ja-ni, breath. You got this* "So here are the winners." We all look at the screen and became breathless. Then the numbers show up. "The winners are , #2 #3 #5 #6 & #7!! Congratulations!" *OoMmGg* I won, I'm in. *Holy shit* We smile and bow towards the audiences. Then we walked out of the stage as the TV close the program. "Yo we made it!!" Gook cheered. "This is awesome, we will be together!!" Alex said "We did good together" I can't believe this is happening!!! Then the others two winners walked towards us. We all bow to each other. #2 is Min-jun #5 is Woo-jin A new beginning, a new start. Just can't believe this is happening.
Oh Ja-ni will be in the new YG male group. What's her next journey? What will be her beginning? PREVIEW BACK HOME AUDITION FIRST DAY COMPETITION @SabrinaSakura @amberg171997 @BrittanyBell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakesAli @AmberRelynn @lilbr0wneyes @btsgotshinee @dayashley11 @JuanitaBooRiv @Maddie27 @MadAndrea @AkashBhojraj @ClaudiaCastro @CarenBoyKins @felicityautum @BekiKunstman @OliviaEdwards @DeniseiaGardner @SamariaAllen @NickySerban @SaraHanna @Helixx @amullins2007 @karinamiranda81 @JohannaTlatench @MissT615 @KarenGuerra93 @Kira9404 @KaylaStokes @JayDay @JennyKool @xroyalreisx @lovelyashley91 @laylabehnia @KpopQueenaBee @summerblack2 @SugaMint @tiffany1922 @ParkHwaYoung @TaliaMay14 @Kieuseru @anarose @Shellyfuentes70 @krystalrikpop @JessicaVang @lovetop @resavalencia @KDSnKJH @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 @DominiqueThomas @kpopandkimchi @ToppDogg @Lizzeh @Jiyongixoxo @nekoheart @Maddie27 @KwonOfAKind @SugaOnTop @catchyacrayon @amobigbang @marisamusic @CallMeMsDragon @TeaeraHarrell @DekaraMiller @Helixx @ladygdragon @JackieG1617 @thatkdramalover @AristaJ @glo86 @B1A4BTS5ever @GDsGF @palaguachie21 @saraortiz2002 @ZitaMahoney @Adetoro @SarahVanDorn @ItatiSanchez @loftonc16 @DominiqueThomas @megancurrent9 @KarolinaTrevino @camrynchemy @DeniseiaGardner @Defy24601@MyalsNotSexy @nightshade18 @NasihaOcasio @brirodriguez412 @Ticasensei @ArielaPicazo @lovetopia @thePinkPrincess @Kpossible4250 @LenaBlackRose @SamariaAllen @amberg171997 @BrandyJones @QueenLele @glo86 @BekiKunstman @VIPforever123 @JasmineWilliams @CarenBoyKins @3SecondsOfHope @woahdersierra @SaraHanna @SaiT @Ercurrent @thePinkPrincess @drummergirl691 @MorleeCorielus @NickySerban @MarrickeJ33 @katyng52 @Kpopmom@JadeOwens @obiterdictum @kpopbunny9 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MsLoyalHeart @JinsPrincess86 @maatiCasanova @amullins2007 @BTS282236 @Craze4Haylu @jjrockstar @maddiedo @obiterdictum @ravenblackwell @MikaLewis @aliahwhbmida @MomoChamie @narutobandgeek @justcallmekyki @cthulu @ZwankimaWalker @hmelodie @Lilith24 @SydneyLstrange @MelissaGarza @bettytolliver @SandaraGrimaldo @mellyortiz @Lizzeh @ChavaBerry @SindyHernandez @NicoleJolly @SusiBosshammer @AdiaJasinski @alecram27 @JessicaEvaristo @LaurenDimalanta @YunBao @reyestiny93 @LizaNightshade @screamoparadise @CrystalGuerra @KoreanDramaMaMa @ShellyVargas @harukachihan @bubblekookie @falme2
love this too much, Oh Ja-ni, hwaiting!!!💪
I'm super late it's just that I had other things to do like school games.... But I'm back to read your fanfic and let me tell ya, the part where they win and just bow and leave made me laugh cause I'm over here like "no confetti? No tears? No celebrations that this will be the next generation YG idol group?!?!?" XD XD cause they stood there, bowed, left, close the program, turn the lights off, and that's the end of the day :3 XD XD I can't I'm dying
I am waiting for the continuation of this beautiful piece .please tag!
now that JJ made it I'm curious to see how long she will be able to hide that she is a girl can't wait
Now things are really going to get 😜 crazy
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