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At the press conference for Gu Book yesterday, Suzy was asked about her feeling being a 10 billion won star. Suzy surprised everyone in the audience as she kept silence and was hesitant to speak up her mind. Lee Seung Gi came to the rescue and said, "It's actually very difficult to be a CF star. They say that she earns 10 billion but since I have been there myself, I can tell you that the actual income we get is not even close to that. I feel sorry for Suzy because whenever she has a day off, she has to spend it filming CFs. I don't think she even has time to rest." After hearing Lee Seung Gi's words, Suzy shed tears but quickly composed herself and said, "I'm sorry. I don't know why I cry." It makes me feel really bad reading this article. She obviously cried because the schedule was too much for her to take. She's still very young, seriously give her a break! She is current modeling for 22 brands (can you even imagine that?). I'm glad that Seung Gi spoke up on her behalf and defended her. I hope she gets a good rest after Gu Book filming. Totally deserve it. Suzy fighting!
but ** not boy. lol... but I wish the industry would give them a break.
you're right, boy
@themuse I agree... I was talking about JYP though :) she can't really tell them because oh well that's how k-ent industry works. it sucks
I don't think she is doing it for money... others may be pushing her to do it for the money they get.. if that is true then she needs to tell them no sometimes. b
poor girl :( her image is always so bright it's hard to imagine her in tears. money is never more important than health!
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