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Yesterday, Sandara invited Jung Il Woo to 2NE1's performance at Hanyang University, where he is currently an undergrad of film and theater. Jung Il Woo first denied saying he had to study, but it just took Sandara a little bit more effort to convince him to show up! The two surprised many as there seems to be no connection between 2NE1 and Jung Il Woo. But in fact, they have even shared a kiss before (see photo)!!! I wanna know if he is really going to show up today! Anyway, read their cute twitter convo below: Dara: Il woo~ Hello?!? We’re going to perform tomorrow at Hanyang University, come and watch? Let’s have fun as sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior)! ^_^ Jung Il Woo: But I have to study.. so I don’t think I can go…. Awee~ Just sing us lots of catchy songs! Dara: ㅋㅋㅋ What the~ Okay! You have to play when it’s play time!!! Singing and enjoying the music is the basic!!! I’m looking forward to it~^^ Jung Il Woo: So should I have fun tomorrow~~ Dara: Play play!!! Because it’s a festival!!! ^^eh eh eh eh eh eh eh~~ (Twitter translation credit to
I didn't know they had a drama together.this is so cool.
Thank U so much... (^__^)
@nasibaemba @chasinghapiness yup. I tried searching for the video but it got removed. you can see the photo here instead it's in episode 7 if you wanna watch ^^
@nasibaemba It's in Return of Iljimae!
Omo! What drama was that? Theyre kissinh scene? Can you pls tell me I want to know and watch it. Thank u so much.